Frequently Asked Questions

DBpedia Archivo is an online interface and augmented archive for all kinds of vocabularies. It automatically crawls for new ontologies, updates the already enlisted ontologies regularly and performs some useful tests to check the fitness of the vocabulary for the semantic web. The ontologies and all additional data, are deployed on the DBpedia Databus for easy access, the webservice provides some useful help for evaluation and usage. For a more specific explanation check out the DBpedia Archivo Paper.

Archivo provides a basic star-rating (not to be confused with the 5 stars of linked data) for FAIRer ontologies. Furthermore, Archivo allows to add more specialized and application-specific tests. The baseline stars are explained on the main page and in more detail on the rating page including debugging help.

No! Archivo checks all known ontologies every 8 hours. If a change is discovered, Archivo will update. If the ontology is down, nothing is done. Users can fallback on Archivo to retrieve the latest available version, if the ontology is down.

Generally ontologies on Archivo are accessible in all available formats in the ontology archive as well as on the ontology view. If you want to access a ontology in your program or download huge dumps of ontologies check out the API page.

On the ontology view the test results are accessible and generally a click/hover on a will show the problems with a failed test.
The rating page shows how to archieve four stars, what the limitations of the stars are and how these can be improvd further.

The test-results of on ontology (and all it's versions) can be accessed at the info page of the ontology. Example:

What is a develop stage version?

The develop stage version is an alternative URI (for example to a file on which represents the latest, not offically released version. This feature should help debugging ontologies during development and grant consumers access to the latest (even if unstable) version of the ontology. An example can be seen at the DBpedia ontology.

How can I add a develop stage version of my ontology to Archivo?

A develop stage version can be added to Archivo by adding a triple in the form of

<NIR> <> <URI of dev file> .
to your ontology with NIR being the non information URI of your ontology (the URI which represents your ontology) and <URI of dev file> being an URI of a file (for example from

The list of already enlisted development ontologies can be found here.

What is a compliance check?

Beyond the Archivo stars Archivo uses SHACL to measure the quality of ontologies. An example for such a test is the LODE conformity test, which checks the compatibility of a vocabulary with the fully automatic LODE service.

How can I contribute to the compliance checks?

Just create a pull request at Archivos SHACL library with your SHACL test, we will review it and add it to Archivos workflow.

Question missing? Ask it at the DBpedia Forum.