Add a new ontology to Archivo

Archivo retrieves ontologies exclusively from the web using their ontology URI. The main rationale here is that we implemented the most common and standardized ways to access Ontologies programmatically following Jon Postel: "Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others". This means, we already allow some irregularities and heterogeneity, when parsing the ontologies from the web. Then again, we only do so up to a certain point, i.e. there is only so much, that you can patch in good faith.

If DBpediaArchivo can not process it in an automatic and deterministic manner, it is likely infeasible to be processed by others.

Ontology Indexing

If Archivo accepts the added ontology, it will be crawled every 8 hours and added to the persistent Ontology Archive.

Archivo Requirements

  1. The URL must be accessible and the RDF content of the ontology must be reachable via content negotiation from there in any of these formats: RDF+XML, N-Triples, Turtle
  2. The URI defined in the a owl:Ontology (or skos:ConceptScheme) triple must be the same as the one provided here. If thats not the case Archivo tries to parse the new URI
A ontology can be suggested via webform or HTTP POST request. Archivo will download and parse it, and if this succeeds include it in its index for daily crawling.

NOTE: The process will take some time to process, especially if the ontology has been accepted, so please be patient.