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Archivo automatically discovers OWL ontologies on the web and checks them every 8 hours. When changes are detected, Archivo downloads and rates and archives the latest snapshot persistently on the Databus. See the about page for details (paper & video).


At this moment Archivo contains 3 Ontologies. See all available Ontologies


Reaching ★★★★ stars doesn't mean your ontology is of good quality. Archivo's stars measure minimum viability, so ★★★★ stars mean that this minimum viability is achieved. The ontology is minimally FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) and further processing is possible at all. We prepared a page to inform about future plans and limitations of the current implementation as well as ways to discuss and contribute to further ratings.

How to get more stars? Instructions provided at the rating page.
Ontology missing? Try adding it at the Archivo Suggestion Feature.

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View Archived Ontology Databus URI Source Download Latest Triples Stars Latest Semantic Version Latest Timestamp Addition Date Parsing Min. License Good License Consistency LODE Conformity Crawling Status
The DBpedia Ontology DEV Databus Artifact DEV owl, ttl, nt 34567 ★★★★ 189.1.2 2024.06.19-001000 2020.09.15-133151
The DBpedia Archivo Ontology DEV Databus Artifact user-suggestion owl, ttl, nt 34 ★★★★ 1.0.1 2021.06.29-094011 2021.06.29-091353
The OSLC Core Vocabulary DEV Databus Artifact DEV owl, ttl, nt 503 ★★★★ 1.1.4 2021.10.21-165102 2020.12.14-162522