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The DBpedia Ontology

given comment: The DBpedia ontology provides the classes and properties used in the DBpedia data set.

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Ontology URI First Discovery Discovery Source Databus Artifact Accessability (?) 2020-05-06 23:10:36 LOV Link

Version Snapshots and Archivo Star Rating

Archivo ★'s measure basic compliance and interoperability of ontologies. Hover over the headers for further information.

Archivo Stars Baseline Good Practice Stars
Snapshot Details (?) Triples (?) Download Semantic Version Stars ★ Retrieval & Parsing (?) ★ License I (?) ★ License II (?) ★ Consistency (?)
2021.01.08-020001 📰 8260 owl, ttl, nt 1.0.1 ★★★★
2020.06.10-181610 📰 8035 owl, ttl, nt 1.0.0 ★★★☆

Application Compliance

Beyond the Archivo ★'s, additional compliance checks can be added via Archivo's SHACL library.

Snapshot 🎖︎ LODE Conform Add further SHACL compliance checks
2021.01.08-020001 📰
2020.06.10-181610 📰