The DBpedia Archivo Ontology

The Archivo Ontology lays the foundation for managing ontologies (and their metadata) on the DBpedia Databus.


Archivo Ontology

Everything that is considered an ontology by the DBpedia Archivo system (currently owl:Ontology and skos:ConceptScheme).


Archivo Track This

This property links to the develop version (e.g on github) of an ontology.

This property can be used to link an ontology to the actively developed RDF file resembling the ontology, for example on github.

  • type: owl:ObjectProperty
  • domain: archivo:Ontology
  • range: rdfs:Resource

Archivo Defines

This property links a given resource to one that it defines.

This property is the inverse of rdfs:isDefinedBy and can, for example, be used to link a ontology to the classes and properties it defines.

  • type: owl:ObjectProperty
  • domain: rdfs:Resource
  • range: rdfs:Resource