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BiRO, the Bibliographic Reference Ontology

given comment: BiRO, the Bibliographic Reference Ontology, is an ontology structured according to the FRBR model to define bibliographic records (as subclasses of frbr:Work) and bibliographic references (as subclasses of frbr:Expression), and their compilations into bibliographic collections such as library catalogues, and into bibliographic lists such as reference lists in journal articles, respectively. It provides a logical system for relating an individual bibliographic reference, such as appears in the reference list of a published article (which may lack the title of the cited article, the full names of the listed authors, or indeed the full list of authors): - to the full bibliographic record for that cited article, which in addition to missing reference fields may also include the name of the publisher, and the ISSN or ISBN of the publication; - to collections of bibliographic records such as library catatlogues; and - to bibliographic lists, such as reference lists.

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